Monster Cards

Monster Cards can be either optained by farming Bronze Coins through G Hunter / Guild and Wanted Quests or by Wanted Quests theirself.

Bronze Coins:

The Coins can be tradet against Monster Cards at the 6 classmaster NPCs in Pow.


Expert Archer (Erinden) Expert Magician (Elsa) Expert Thief (Dina) Expert Warrior (Dean) Expert Summoner (Bartie) Expert Fighter (Chanpio)
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Card Name Skills Price (Bronze Coin)
Witch Doctor Sharpo [Archer] Antiair Shot 1
Mallet Mummy [Warrior] Blazing Youth
[Twin Fighter] Power Fist
Spiny Obculling [Archer] Bow Mastery 1
Reckless Spark [Thief] Dexterity 1
Lotus Potchi [Warrior] Icecold Heart 1
Skull Clubber Card [Warrior] Hammer Crush
[Twin Fighter] [MC] Metal Fist
Crimson Mace Mummy [Magician] Fortress
[Summoner] Shot Mastery
Red Dong Dong [Magician] Focus
[Shaman] Air Splash
Spiked Mace Mummy [Archer] Double Strike 1
Blue Spectral Knight [Magician] Magic Enhancement
[Shaman] Spike Wave
Barrel Bones [Archer] Multishot 1
Shroom Assassin [Archer] Rising Arrow 1
Mummy Fighter [Thief] Rocket Punch! 1
Mutant Spark [Magician] Self Heal
[Summoner] Area Spell
Mummy Boxer [Warrior] Sword Dance
[Twin Fighter] Bunk Buster
Shark Deckhand [Shaman] Summon Dyke 1
Shroom Thief [Warrior] Storm Blade
[Twin Fighter] One Sword, One Cut
Spectral Blood Knight [Thief] Somersault Kick 1
Spectral Dragoon Knight [Magician] Slow Heal
[Shaman] Ground Piston
Red Spectral Knight [Warrior] Sword Mastery
[Twin Fighter] [MC] Spin Kick
Mace Mummy [Thief] Venom 1
Skull Runner [Thief] Vitality 1
Giant Moth [Knight] Giant Growth 2
Spark [Gladiator] Grizzly Power
[Twin] Spin Bomb
Upset Spark [Marksman] H. E. Grenade 2
Toenail Wing Patrol [Marksman] Horning Missile 2
Hill Gnoll Archer [Gladiator] HP Recovery 2
Hor Swift Beak [Monk] Instant Heal 2
Thrower Dede [Knight] Increased Defense 2
Webfamily Kahuna [Gladiator] Incoming Bear!
[Twin] Slide Kicking
Lava Boomboom [Gladiator] I'm Gone Bear!
[Twin] Infinite Turning Kick
Dryad [Bandit] Hyper Strength 2
Foamy Swamp [Bandit] Intelligence 2
Yeti [Infiltrator] Katar Blocking 2
Fist Dudu [Monk] Lightning] Strike
[Summoner] Inferno
Hor [Wizard] Mana Shield 2
Warwing Big Eye [Monk] MP Recovery Increase
[Shaman] Stronger Summon
Artis [Monk] Rain of Fire 2
Skull Thunker [Knight] Pressure
[Twin] Dragon Uppercut
Root Spint [Infiltrator] Poison Crasher 2
Dile [Knight] Parry
[Twin] Spirit Spear
Pumpkin Head [Hunter] Netbind 2
Warrior Snail [Gladiator] Acceleration
[Twin Fighter] [MC] Dragon Kick
Tough Bush Spider [Hunter] Advanced Bow Mastery 2
Agnee Thrower Card [Gladiator] Advanced Sword Mastery 2
Skelemar Card [Hunter] Acid Arrow 2
Mimir stingsoldier [Hunter] Arrow Shower 2
Muddy Swamp Monster [Gladiator] Annihilation
[Twin Fighter] [MC] Non Stop Kicking
Broken Barrel Bones [Infiltrator] Ambush 2
Swamp Monster [Knight] Aerial Smackdown
[Twin Fighter] Tornado Spin
Blue Poison Mushroom [Monk] Barbarian 2
Yakut [Hunter] Bird Watching 2
Drifter Unicorn [Knight] Body Activation 2
Skelemage [Bandit] Claw Mastery 2
Firefly Patrol [Wizard] Cloud Kill
[Summoner] Meteor Rain
Forest Fruit Fairy [Gladiator] Gamble 2
Sick Yakut [Wizard Fire Emblem 2
Pooka Peppo [Bandit] Final Decision 2
Pooka Tory [Twin] Dodge Mastery 2
Webfamily Fighter [Monk] Diffusion Cannon
[Summoner] Air Smash
Horned Beetle [Monk] Resurrection
[Summoner] Earthquake
Stag Gold Beetle [Hunter] Rocket Launcher 2
Flying Squirrel [Marksman] RPG-7 2
Firefly Sthavira [Monk] Sanctuary
[Summoner] Volcano
Larva rake [Hunter] Sharpshooting 2
Snowfield Penryl [Knight] Spin it Bear! 2
Woods Flying Squirrel [Wizard] Spear Mastery 2
Mama BoomBoom [Knight] Spear Jab
[Twin] Rolling Grable
DuDu [Knight] Shoulder Tackle
[Twin] Hyper Knee Kick
Mage Dudu [Knight] Shield Mastery
[Twin Fighter] [MC] Rocket
Spark Gryphon [Gladiator] Stumblebum 2
BoomBoom [Summoner] Summon Doonamik 2
Hood Woodsman [Infiltrator] Swift Attack 2
Vatican Scout Runner [Infiltrator] Throwing Dagger 2
Shaman Cumba [Wizard] Tornado 2
Chilled Golem [Gladiator] Wrath of Earth 2
Violent Woodsman [Hunter] Wolf Rush 2
Firefly [Monk] Wide Heal
[Summoner] Nation Fury
Ribbit [Infiltrator] Violent Blow 2
Skelebar [Marksman] Two Action Shot 2
Starry LuLu [Paladin] Armor Mastery 3
Witch Doctor Yakut [Pathfinder] Blitz 3
Agnee Thrower [Pathfinder] Falcon Frenzy 3
Blue Jelly [Myrmidon] Death Bound 3
Woodsman Burnaun [Rogue] Cossack Dance 3
Ahtoo [Priest] Chain Lightning 3
Paul Burnaun [Specalist] Carpet Bombing 3
Warwing Big Cornu [Warlock] Octopus Ink Gun 3
Spore Spider [Pathfinder] Freezing Trap 3
Bush Spider [Rogue] Judge Dread 3
Agnee Shaman [Assassin] Leaf Fall 3
Razor Crabby [Paladin] Recovery Blessing 3
Grey Dong Dong [Priest] Striking 3
Ribibit [Warlock] Spiral Cannon 3
Vella [Priest] Spark Rock 3
Hor Horus [Rogue] Seven 3
Blue Poison Mushroom [Elementarist] Rolling Stone 3
Kentar Fighter [Elementarist] Summon Golgon 3
Roots Spider [Mirage] Swish Kick 3
Elluman [Warlock] Thunder Break 3
Toenail Wing Patrol [Mirage] Tornado Uppercut 3
Kentar Scout [Specalist] Vulcan 300 3
Agnee [Assassin] Wood Rush 3
Red Jelly [Myrmidon] Wild Rage 3
Starry LoLo [Paladin] Weapon Suspension 3