Patch Notes: 0.0.28

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    Update v0.0.28

    Halloween: Part 1
    You can find gift boxes on all bonus mission or get them by killing monsters.
    Fixed Boss Skills Devi
    Fixed some Crashes
    Began making Halloween-Event
    completely new system (clan war) / Collecting Points / Trade etc
    now only (lv. 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70-85) for times 12:00, 17:00 and 21:00) BSQ's exist
    Added 1 W-Coin to BSQ Reward Box (For Winners)
    Added for 7 500 - 1 / 15 000 - 2 / 30 000 - 3 Woody-Coins (personal Player-Points in BSQ)
    Increased Skill: Awakening (Guild) to 3 Min
    Increased Skill: RPG-7 ATK to the double
    Increased Skill: Cursed Bomber ATK to the double
    Edited Skill: Fire Grenade Removed Cast Time
    Increased/Edited Skill: Carpet Bombing ATK to x1.6 and Cast Time decreased to 0.3 sec
    Decreased Skill: Sniping Range to 240 instead of 280
    Increased Skill: Carpet Bombing Cooldown to 60 sec
    Increased Skill: Awakening (Lv. 5) to 2 Min
    Changed Set effect of BDL Normal/Rare
    Finished Special Sets: Mummy, Black Witch and Jack o' Lantern
    Finished Advanced Sets: Dracula, Pumpkin Sorcerer and Vegabond
    Finished Normal Sets: Red Devil, Skeleton Man and Odd-Eye Kitty
    Finishe Legendary Sets: Skeleton and Death Cheater
    Finished Balloons: Lady Ghost (Special), Halloween Bat Balloon (Special), Ghost Sweeper (Legendary) and Jack o' Lantern (Legendary)
    Finished Halloween Necklaces: For all Classes (Legendary)
    Wings (Already live)"}">Added Cash Wings to Shop -> Wings (Already live)
    Removed Effect from Fashion Wings
    New Hat: Halloween Pumpkin (Legendary)
    New Ear's: Snowy/Gray/Brown Wolf
    New Paw's: Snowy/Gray/Brown Wolf
    New Feet's: Snow/Gray/Brown Wolf
    New Hats: Orange (Special) and Black (Legendary) Wizard
    New Backpack: Pumpkin (Legendary)
    Updated Bigwheel + Mixboard