Changes to Player vs. Player

  • Dear Community,

    as you might know, we are planning changes to PvP, wich will soon apply to the server. However, this is not enough in our opinion to give players a better pvp experience. And here you come into play! We, the team of Reborn, ask you(!) what you think needs to be changed or applied to pvp! You can suggest anything that you think will give a better pvp experience.

    Please reply with your ideas to this post.

    Thank you all for your responses!


    The Team of Reborn

  • ---- I wanted to give away some of my ideas that I think will make the PvP better,balanced,interesting,enjoyable and worth doing----

    Firstly,about emporia war 1,2star fights

    1.Defending empos always been a cancer for most of the time and nearly impossible to defend unless there are 5 men in each floor and only 1 attacker.

    increasing dragon's hp or def would very much fix it (including when the defending players actually damage their own dragon which is sucks)

    This might prevent people of skipping empos and consider attend with most of the guild members of each side fighting against each other having fun and long fight

    2.still with empo this time I'll be talking about quarters, half,etc..

    -a..I think there should be a huge variety of missions which would be relevant for the players inside the room so that if there is a magician and warriors only then there won't be any quests for archers basically make the missions relevant for the classes inside the room..

    -b...second is balancing stone hp so it will take a longer time to destroy it (to give second chance for the enemy team for a come back and prolong the fight)

    -c...decreasing the amount of floors , 5 might be just too much for a private server 3 might fit the amount of people especially when like 20 people can enter so there wont be a lot of running between floors as well.

    So far these are my suggestions that I think will make PvP better in terms of Emporia wars for the future.

  • Ok so FIRST OF ALL what the fuck is going on with bsq ? , thats not worth doing it all atm its juste a waste of 20min so there's my suggestions to fix that


    1. change lvl of bsq , there are too much , just set 40-49/50-59/60-69/70-80

    2. put better price , sugges: 1 Woodie coin + 50 cash for winners , 15 cash for losers(thx for participation) / personal price for players : 5k points = 1 woodie coin + 300 gold pouche, 15k points 2 woodie coins + 700gold pouche , 30k points 4 woodie coins + 1500 gold pocuhe (better set those if we have at least 40 players a day , so theres never sm1 alone in an arena)

    3. set the schedule to : 12h - 17h - 21h (3 bsq a day)


    -Fix this fking xw combo for Archer if possible ( well actually i'm already used to play with this reverse xw bug but its not supposed to be normal)

    -also the marksman skill "Random shot" doesn't work with xw combo + "Moonwalk shot" doesn't work either

    - When an ennemy is throw in the air , and use "Jump" and get touched again in the air after his "Jump" HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO JUMP AGAIN (i tested it on in pvp) fix that pls.

    -and finally there's an animation at the end of a combo which prevent the player to use any other skill while this time lapse ( for all classes , test it in-game , its hard to explain) so can't cancel a combo , i don't know for the other players but its impact my gameplay

    THIRDLY fix empo like Max said just above

    FOURTH Bring back DRAKANS Why are y'all damn scared of them wtf ( drakans = some variaton in pvp , too used to the 4 standard classes)

    Skill change

    Guild Skill

    "Adrenaline" : increase duration to 3 min

    (for my class )Destroyer
    easier since i know well this class gameplay

    Archer skill "Double strike" add shut down effect ( if you don't know shut down effect = like RPG skill)

    Marksman skill "RPG" , increase damge x2 at each lvl , and sometimes the skill doesn't hit so maybe fix range

    Grenadier skill "Cursed Bomber" (or "Caused Bomber.." here) , Increase damage x2 at each lvl ( dw this skill does no damage at all, its just cursing smh)

    Grenadier skill "Fire Grenade" , delete cast time..

    Grenadier skill "Carpet Bombing" , reduce cast time to 0.3 sec and increase damnge x1.6 at each lvl

    Grenadier skill "Sniping" , decrease range

    Grenadier sill "Adrenaline" ,increase duration at lvl 5 to 2min

    Bombardier skill "Self bomber" !!!!! , Increase damage from 500%/600%/700%/800%/900% to 800%/1000%/1200%/1400%/2000% + make the skill animation Scale with atk speed (if possible ofc)

    Bombardier skill "Nuclear Hit" !! , Increase damage from 550%/650%/750%/850%/950% to 1000%/1500%/2000%/2500%/3000%

    Bombardier skill "Particle Cannon" Increase damage x2 at each lvl , + make the skill hit falling and fallen ennemy + shutdown effect

    Bombardier skill "N2 Ammuniton Strengthen" , idk but nerf it..

    Thats for my class , I have also some good skill changing for other class but i'll do it next time

    Well i asked alot i know but thats for you , if you want a better server -> apply the possible players suggestions :)