Heyo, I'm Neax !

  • Heyo Guys, it's me Neax:!:

    After one good day on this server, i decided to present myself 8o

    IRL : I'm Maxime, 20 Years Old.

    • Dragonica player since 2010 with some pause between. ( Ya, i got bored sometimes X/ )
    • I'm also a YouTuber on some Steam Games and i do some arts on my free times.
    • I'm French and i also speak English.

    IG : Neax, Ninja

    • I played before on much Dragonica servers like : Legend, SushiDR, Versus, ..
    • I'm a polyvalent PVP player and i'm looking always forward to learn more about the game.
    • When i'm not on DGN, i'm on CS:GO or TF2 having fun with some of my weird friends :D

    Cheers and looking forward to meet ya all guys :!:<3