Patch Notes: 0.0.26 - 0.0.27

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    Update v0.0.26 - 0.0.27

    Fixed a bug where a player can't attack monsters
    Chaotic scrolls now fall from Artis and the Lords of the night always
    Optimized game code
    Fixed Ninja Secmathian Sets
    Fixed Dragoon Secmathian Sets
    Fixed Overlord Secmathian Sets
    Changed the display of the menu with a combo, now the player sees only open combinations
    In the store to the pump station Krispy, added hammers for repairing equipment
    Added 38 new OX Questions
    Changed Rewards OX Event
    Fixed HP recovery skill in gladiator
    Fixed the skill Physical training in the gladiator
    Fixed skill of the gladiator in Roulette training.

    Fixed the location of the mailbox in the port of winds
    Added tasks in cherry event
    Fixed entrance to the emporium
    Localization bugs fixed
    In Quest Journal, the display of the text has been changed, now it is fully inserted
    Changed Stats BDL Set Sentinel
    Changed Stats BDL Set Savage
    Changed Stats BDL Set Ninja
    Changed Stats BDL Set Destroyer