How to Play on Dragonica Reborn

  • Since some things changed on the server and alot of players are confused I'm going to make a short guide on how to play on the server.


    Once you've made your character you will receive a beginning set and a weapon +8 advanced they give you enough damage until lvl 30 so you don't have to worry about that for now. Go in the shop=>Consumables=>Teleport and buy boss cards (just buy Vegas/Sanka/Kunka)
    Use the Vegas card and launch F1 with one map and the 3 mutators .Click on F1 then you'll see yellow buttons with the rightmost one being "Mutators F6",click on it then on the squares on the left,close the window,select a map and press F2 or Selection but not anything else otherwise it won't work. If you have trouble killing monsters with HP mutator then take it off.


    Change bosses as you go up levels and exp that way until the lvl 20,do the first job change but remember that on this server the last quest isn't to go in the Wolves' Lair but to kill Farrell, find a party or do it alone with potions if you're confident in yourself (it's not that hard,some players did it alone before the nerf when it had 60k more HP).


    Go to the Cherry blossom and exp the same way as before,you can also use the silver coins you already got in the previous F1s to exchange for Exp x2 10minutes potions at the vending machine NPCs which is in every town but keep some.


    Once you're 40 if you're not a magic class block your exp by clicking on the % of exp you got and go to the Pine Cone Hills (Use Karkarous card and look at the map) then farm gold in mutators there, choose the map with which you're the most comfortable even tho the 5th map got the most monsters.If you're a magic class then you can still farm gold but at a slower speed in cherry's 4th map.
    You should farm enough to put your weapon +15,exchange the silver coins you got for weapon enchant dust at the vending machine NPC and your gold to cash on the website (click on your name =>My Character =>Gold 2 Cash)
    If you have friends you can share a patch/rose otherwise you'll have to farm a bit more gold for that.


    When your weapon is +15 you can start exping again at cherry with x2 exp pots and beans untill lvl 60 when you have to do the job change.
    You will need cash to buy 10 signs of hero in shop and the job change scrolls in Consumables =>Teleport =>2-3 page.
    Do the third job change even though you'll probably need a party or help to do bone.


    Exp until lvl 70 and block exp to farm gold at kryos (Verglas ridge), you can either get a zauharant weapon and enchant it to +20 or another lvl 71 weapon if you're lazy.
    Get the entire secmathian gear for tank orbtake the Glorious set if you wish to get damage instead.Get two 15* Solar/Stellar rings in the Items part of the shop,upgrade all of that, get a party and start elga.