Poll: Price of Rings

  • Is it a 15* or 10* ring?

    If my maths is correct you need 48 3* star rings for 2 10* rings. (And some leftover rings)

    1 F6 run gives 1 3* ring and uses 10 monster radars.

    150 monster radars for 800 cash so that's 480 radars for 2560 cash in radars.

    1 ring for 4000 cash, 2 for 8000....

    So that is 5540 cash 'profit' for someone who would farm it. (if we nullify the value of the health and defense rings)

    I have no clue how easy/hard it is to get 55400 gold...

    However I don't think anyone has the patience to do F6 48 times just for some rings.

    I also kind of want to know how the admin thinks about the mindless farming for these rings haha x)

    4k might just be a correct price.

  • You get a 15* V-Tor Ring for 4.000 Cash.